We are a private company and not for public

 Highland Ditch Company’s mailing address is:   PO Box 649, Mead, CO. 80542-0649

Start-up Status: Then there was rain 🙂

2022 Assessments were due by May 15, 2022

If you’ve got a Tenant then I need the form, prior to running water, and all fees need to be paid up-to-date

2022 Allocation @ 94 inches per share (May 3, 2022)

No, we are not currently irrigating. If you are 100% ready to rock-n-roll please call, or email, and get on our start-up list.

Tip: Want your water? Clean your lateral!

Not everyone farms but everyone eats and nothing grows without water!

No Water, No Farms, No Food

20 inches = one acre-foot

Last Day to Transfer CB-T out of the Highland Ditch Company System is June 19 Annually