Cool To view our water ordering hours; just click on Shareholder & Tenant Inormation.   Thank you for keeping your Lateral clean!    FYI --->> If you are transferring C-BT "into" the Highland Ditch System Rule 11, Weighted Assessment from Northern, may apply!   Visit Northern's Web-site at

Highland Started on June 25, 2015

     >  River Returned = Zero

      >    Highland Issued 260 inches per share

     >      20 Inches equals One acre-foot

Ish Reservoir Company (New Ish) Allocated @ 95 inches per share on July 22, 2015.  To place a water order call 970-535-4531.  All other business you can e-mail or leave a message at 970-587-9212.   Above, on this web-site, click on Shareholder / Tenant Information for water ordering hours. 

Sanborn Reservoir Allocated @ 75 inches per share and started on July 23, 2015  --->>




   Highland Ditch Company = 260 inches per share

  Last day to transfer C-BT out is June 19, 2015

     Northern / C-BT per acre-foot unit owned = 70%