Mailing Address:  PO Box 649, Mead, Colorado 80542-0649

Assessments have been mailed out for 2019 and are now due

We are a private company and not for public!

No we are not currently running water yet

Getting Ready for Water Season 2019;  1st are your Assessments and charges paid in full?   2) If you have tenant don't forget to mail-in your annual Shareholder Tenant form.  3) Do you know your headgate number?  Please always remember; If you turn your water on you need to call and shut your water off. 



Tip: Want your water clean your lateral!


Not everyone farms but everyone eats and nothing grows without water!

No Water, No Farms, No Food


20 inches = one acre-foot


Mailing Address is:  PO Box 649, Mead,CO 80542-0649 --->>>Please note: There are no physical delivery's to the office!




  Last Day to Transfer CB-T out of the Highland Ditch Company System is June 19 Annually