CoolWater Season 2016

  Started June 7, 2016 

      River Returned @ Zero

Ish Reservoir Company @ 95 inches per share

Sanborn Reservoir @ 75 inches per share

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 Storage Allocation @ 240 inches per share

FYI -->  20 inches equals One acre-foot

C-BT issued 70%


2016 Assessment @ $125.00 per share with a mim of one share and due by April 20, 2016

 All fees must be paid, and tenant information received, prior to ordering any water!


We are a private company and not for public!




  2016 Storage Allocation from Highland Ditch Company @ 240 inches per share 

Last day to transfer C-BT "out" is June 19, 2016

C-BT issued 70% per unit for 2016